Your Bank says 'NO', others might say 'YES'



Your bank says 'NO', others might say 'YES'

If your bank does not lend to you, it will not mean that any other bank won’t.┬áParticular circumstances might make more difficult to get a Home Loan. An expert advice becomes crucial as only some banks might lend under specific circumstances. This is because lenders’ policies are different and only an expert can master them. We are comfortable to deal with many specialities:


Self-employed, casual work, on probation, contract work & subcontractor, agency work, some centre-link income.

low deposit

5 - 10% deposit, depending on the circumstances.

Genuine Savings

When borrow more than 90%, 5% genuine savings must be verified (% to be confirmed with lenders).

favourable puchase

Buying a property below the market value, typically from parents or family in general.

low docs / Alt docs loans

Available to those who cannot prove the income in the traditional way (often self-employed).

maternity leave

Some banks consider maternity leave pay (conditions apply).

bad credit history

Few lenders accept defaults, bankruptcy, too many credit enquiries, multiple missed payments on credit statements, or other unfortunate circumstances.

professional package

Some banks offer special rates or wave LMI to doctors, accountants, lawyers, or others (conditions apply).

property type

Acceptable properties are different among branks.


no deposit required if guarantor (typically family) uses his/her property as security guarantee (conditions apply).

non residents

Some banks considers Australian Non-Resident eligible, depending on the visa (457 Visa and few others).

Australian expats

Australian citizen & Permanent Resident living and working overseas (conditions apply).


Working for yourself with an ABN.

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