Loans from lenders which do not support industries that do harm

Some smaller bank has begun more innovative and is looking at conscious choices. Ethical banking is a new trend: being careful with who your money is lent to and how it is used.

A bank receives your money which is used to offer loans or investments. This money can also go to industries that do harm. If you are particularly sensitive to this topic and you wish to support ethical banking, you can consider to get a home loan with a bank which is aligned with ethical banking principles. Therefore, you can get a mortgage with a bank which does not support the following industries:

  • fossil fuel industry
  • intensive animal farming and live export industry
  • gambling industry
  • arms industry
  • tobacco industry.

You have the possibility to choose a bank that only uses your money to impact positively people lives, communities and the planet. You can choose a bank which lends to:

  • individuals
  • housing for disables
  • affordable housing
  • renewable energy projects
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • etc.

You are free to take conscious decisions according to your personal values.

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