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Why using a mortgage broker? My Sydney Broker, 1st of July 2018

There are so many (bank and non-bank) lenders and home loan products on the market, it would be very limiting just walk into your bank’s branch and ask for a home loan. Obviously, your bank is going to recommend its own loan products. It is wiser looking at the entire market to find the home loan products which most suits you. Obviously, it would be overwhelming for anyone to look at the entire market, too hard and time consuming without an expert guide. That’s why it is a smart idea asking help to an experience mortgage broker like a ‘My Sydney Broker’ specialist. 
Some of the main reasons why using a mortgage broker:
1. Industry experience, bringing knowledge of all the ins and outs as a broker regularly applies for loans.
2. Access to huge number of home loan products, dealing with several banks and non-bank lenders.
3. Familiarity with issues, problems and unusual situations which might impact your application (e.g. credit history, property type, etc.), so a broker might suggest the lenders who are more likely to approve your loan.
4. Handling the hard job for you, making the process easier aiming to remove any stress from the process.
5. Free Service (for most brokers)

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